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"Absinthe-lutely" Delicious! National Absinthe Day

  03/05/2021 at 22:36 pm

Don’t let the sordid history scare you, absinthe is light, herbaceous, and not just for moody poets. Just in time for National Absinthe Day, we spoke with the experts at Doc Herson’s Natural Spirits for the inside scoop on what makes absinthe such a unique spirit, and why it’s about to be your new favorite cocktail ingredient. Organically grown from a hobbyist distillery in a Harlem basement and made entirely from scratch using 100% natural ingredients, each variety of absinthe is is uniquely crafted drawing inspiration from its respective category―Verte, the classic and most well-known style; Blanche (meaning “white”), or Swiss-style and Absenta, or Spanish-style. 

“Unique in flavor and feel, absinthe offers a delightful and refreshing option for those who enjoy botanical and earthy spirits,” said Stacey Luckow-Herson, founder of Doc Herson’s Natural Spirits. “All of our absinthes are great on the rocks.” We wholeheartedly agree, and also invite you to try these easy craft cocktails at home.


Absinthe Maria

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1 cucumber, sliced
1 sprig, fresh dill
1/2oz Doc Herson’s Poppy White Absinthe 
5-6 oz tomato juice 
¼-½ oz jalapeño-infused simple syrup
Splash of seltzer 
Squeeze of fresh lemon  

Muddle the dill, 3 slices of cucumber and jalapeño simple syrup in a cocktail shaker. Add 5-6 ounces of tomato juice, then fill the remainder of the shaker with ice. Shake well, then strain into a serving glass over fresh ice. Top with seltzer and finish with a squeeze of lemon. Stir once more and garnish with a slice of fresh cucumber and dill. Doc Herson’s Poppy White Absinthe is also great in a traditional Bloody Mary. Just incorporate a ½-oz pour with your usual ingredients.


Absinthe Sazerac

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1½ oz Sazerac Rye Whiskey
1/4 Doc Herson’s Red Absinthe 
Few dashes Bitter Truth Aromatic Bitters 

Combine the whiskey and absinthe in a rocks glass filled with ice. Add a few dashes of bitters, then stir to combine. Garnish with a twist of lemon.

The Absinthe Snap

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1oz Red Absinthe 
GUS Dry Ginger Ale, as needed
Squeeze of an orange 

Combine the absinthe and ginger ale in a Collins glass filled with ice. Squeeze half a fresh orange into the glass and stir to combine. Garnish with an orange wedge.


Absinthe Fizz

1 oz Doc Herson’s Green Absinthe
Boylan’s Heritage Club Soda, as needed 
Squeeze of lemon
In a Collins glass filled with ice, add the green absinthe and stir briefly. Top off with club soda and finish with a squeeze of lemon on top, then stir for about 15 seconds. Garnish with a lemon wedge.

Jazz Club

1/2 oz Doc Herson’s Green Absinthe 
1oz Allen’s Cold Brew Coffee Brandy
Shot of espresso 
Splash of nondairy or dairy creamer
Add the espresso, coffee brandy and absinthe to a warm mug. Stir to combine. Add a splash of creamer, then taste and sweeten as desired with simple syrup. Stir once more and enjoy. 

By The Greene Grape
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