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Saint Benevolence 

Saint Benevolence Rum Clairin


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"Bwason pou bonte," Haitian-Creole meaning "Drink to Goodness", is an expression that embodies the buoyant spirit of the Haitian people as well as the philanthropic ethos of Saint Benevolence. Founded by Calvin and Chase Babcock in partnership with Reverend Gueillant Dorcinvil, a Saint Michel native. The town of Saint Michel de l’Attalaye is the epicenter of their collective charitable work, and is well regarded for their Rum Clairin, a terroir-driven agricole-style rum popular throughout Haiti. Local sugarcane farms and Reverend Dorcinvil’s distillery in Saint Michel inspired the creation of Saint Benevolence as a way to share this unique Haitian rum and their passion for charity with people beyond Haiti. Every sip of Saint Benevolence rum directly funds life-changing medical services, educational programs and economic developments benefitting the people and local communities of Northern Haiti. True to the Haitian word ‘kleren’ for clear, translucent crystal in the glass. Green banana, wasabi, with earthy notes of smoke and wet gravel on the nose. A rich texture on the palate with toasted white peppercorn, clove and green olive mignonette with an underlying sweetness on the finish.

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