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Domaine Paul Blanck 

Jean Rosen Pinot Blanc 2017


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Alsace is one of the most interesting and archaic wine regions in the world. Almost an annex of France, it sits at the foot of Vosge mountains eastern slope. The mountain range serves as a climate reset, acting as a barrier against the weather moving east across the French countryside. The annual rainfall on the Alsatian side of the Vosges is drastically lower than the rest of France. This unique climate allows the region to make wines that are distinct and impressive. Unfortunately, Alsatian wine is hardly ever cheap and we've been lucky to find fantastic wines that barely come in under $20 on the shelf. But when we stumbled upon this pinot blanc, offering notes of apple, peach, apricots and a slight breeze of powdery citrus all wrapped up in a lush, utterly gulpable mouthfeel, we couldn't believe the pricing.

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