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Barolo Chinato 500ml


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Augusto Cappellano is a fifth generation winemaker in Serralunga d¿Alba. His great-grandfather Filippo established the azienda in 1870. One of Filippo¿s sons was a pharmacist and is credited with creating the family receipe for this aromatized wine that is infused with botanicals and fortified. Barolo Chinato was renowned as a ¢cure¢ for the common cold and other ailments too numerous to mention. Perhaps its most effective use was as a digestivo. The primary ingredient, china ¢key-NA¢ is Italian for quinine and does in fact have anti-inflammatory properties along with menthol as a secondary ingredient. The family still grinds the botanicals in stone mortars and allows them to macerate in the wine for 8 weeks at room temperature. A closely guarded secret, the mixture is believed to contain anise, juniper, rhubarb roots, gentian, orange peels, cloves and cardamom seeds. The wine is then fortified to 17% and allowed to mature in oak for up to one year. Cappellano believes in what he calls ¢Vini Veri¢: a strickly non-interventionist form of winemaking using indigenous yeasts, limited sulfur and no filtration. This brings us to one of the most significant features: unlike its cousin vermouth, which is often made from a simple white base wine, this has a Barolo base. What more can you ask for in a digestivo? The power and depth of a Barolo wine augmented by a seamless blend of herbs and spices that is perfect either with dessert or afterwards. On the palate you will find just a touch of quinine followed by peppermint, anise, juniper, cardamom, root beer, and vanilla. As if that were not enough, these are all presented on a backdrop of red fruits making for an elegant and harmonious whole.

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